Shirley Ashworth knows and loves NC Inner Banks Real Estate!  North Carolina’s low cost of living has made it the place of choice for families, young professionals and retired folks.  The housing market is very affordable and the cost of living for retirees is 3.7% cheaper than the national average. Taxes are generally low, making Waterfront Coastal Carolina  a great place to settle down in your later years.

North Carolina is home to some of the greatest public and private colleges in the country. The food and drink scene is superb. The area is rich in diverse traditions such as craft festivals, music, and folk art. The entire state is a natural outdoor wonderland, with stunning coastlines and miles of beaches… be sure to explore North Carolina’s 14 National Parks. The weather is mild for endless days on the golf course.  Visit historic places. There is so much to do in the Inner Banks!  You will quickly come to appreciate the warm and hospitable North Carolinians, with a combination of Southern culture, diversity and traditions.

Shirley loves an adventure, and she is looking forward to helping you find your special place among the many gems in North Carolina!